To All Mankind

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

 I am a layman, not a clergy or a preacher. What I communicate to you below is simply what I saw.

The prophecy told by the Prophet Isaiah (see below) will come to pass very soon. Terrible days are ahead. Get ready and please tell the below to all those who lend ears to you. If you read this and don't want to tell others about it, or if you talk of it in any form of mockery, please know that there is blood on your hands.

 Some of the final strokes that drove to the fulfillment of the prophecy are the following:

- The West went out to Tsion, uprooted Christianity and introduced its own doctrine and forced the children of Tsion to discontinue the daily sacrifice.

- Exactly as the Romans put the yoke of the cross on Him and crucified the Lord Jesus Christ at the behest of those who called themselves "Jews", so also did the West put cumbersome yokes on Christians and uproot Christianity around the world at the behest of those who call themselves, "Jews."

- The West went out to Tsion and, using the façade of liberalism, forced the image of the serpent to reign in Tsion.

- The West went out to Tsion, dug up soil in the valleys of Tsion and pulled out fossils of an ape and declared it the genesis of man and exhibited it around the world as a headline statement against God.

- The part played by the West in breaking up Tsion.

- The West's promotion of sodomy around the world and excessive indulgence.

 Key for parable terms:

  • Image of the serpent - Serpentine script of Arabic
  • Daily sacrifice - Daily Prayer and Thanksgiving
  • Winged ships - Airplane
  • Rivers of Ethiopia - Nations of Africa
  • Land beyond the rivers of Ethiopia - The nation/nations located across the ocean opposite Africa
  • Downtrodden, weak and hopeless - Africans represented by Christian Ethiopia
  • Tsion - Christian Ethiopia but not the Pharisees who currently occupy Tel Aviv
The Prophecy:

Woe to the land of winged ships located beyond the rivers of Ethiopia.

He will send messengers by sea and letters on water. Swift messengers will proceed toward a tall, strange and wicked people. Which people are downtrodden and hopeless? They will live in their own countries and the rivers of the earth will live like the lands that support their residents. From the heads of the mountains a sign will be raised and a trumpet will be heard.

The Lord told me this: "My dwelling will be silent like at the time of a scorching day heat and like during a cloud of dew at the time of harvest." Before the harvest, when the bud is good, and the grape is ripened, he shall cut off the stems with sickle and remove the branches. These will be left for the consumption of the fouls of the sky and for the beasts of the land. The fouls of the sky and the beasts of the earth will feast in the litter.

Then a present will be brought to the Lord of hosts at Mount Tsion from the people who live by their rivers who were downtrodden, weak and hopeless - a great people whose hopes were in the Lord from this time to eternity. [Isaiah 18, G'eez (Ethiopic) version]

 Glory to the Lord in the Highest!