Do you see that it is New Year? Neither democracy nor the earthly powers were of use to generate it. It came on its own for it is a cycle set in motion by God and it brings forth hope and there is life in it. It is a gift from the Lord. Cherish it.
Do you remember Wallelign Mekonen and other college students as well as college professors and many others, too, who swayed many souls to stir Ethiopia's tranquility? They did so after themselves being bamboozled by a German philosophy - a philosophy their forefathers did not know about. Do you remember how these drunkards of foreign creed encouraged the military to liquidate Ethiopia's longest and dearest institution that was handmade by God? Do you remember students and also others shouting "democracy without restrictions, long live Marx, long live Lenin, and down with reactionaries?"  Some of the brawlers formed shengos with the Derg and had a falling-out on technicalities. They still chant "democracy" and tell us that they hold in their hands the absolute truth for our freedom.  They had never been right and the proof is in the Derg.  Do you remember a drunkard mass at "revolution square" calling upon workers of all countries to unite?"  Did we see workers of the Ford Motor Company in Detriot or Workers of the Land Rover Company in Gaydon holding out their hands to the drunkards? Do you remember the shootings on the streets, the so called red and white terrors, where the head of an Ethiopian was a mere dart board? Do you remember the mass killings, the corpses of Ethiopia's children lying on the streets and their parents forbidden to weep and forbidden to bury their dead? Do you remember the war in Mereb Melash, where Ethiopians waged war  against being Ethiopian and killed many Ethiopians for the purpose of replacing their own new year with someone else's? Do you remember the war in Tigray where Ethiopians waged war and killed many Ethiopians for the purpose of making Ethiopia a divided and landlocked country? Do you remember Ethiopians despising Ethiopians calling them enemy and reviling being Ethiopian and adopting that which is Latin? Do you remember the thug in every Ethiopian gathering, the feud in every band, the failure of every device and the collapse of every plan? Even two Ethiopians couldn't converse in loving terms.   
What a filthy generation - a generation that is proud and lifted up casting disdainful glances at its ancestors and at the precious heritage that was held dearly since antiquity. A vexing generation that bites like a serpent and stings like an adder. A self devouring generation armed with swords, teeth and knives. A generation that brings in all that is bad giving away all that is good - a generation that pays livelihood for the consumption of ideology.  
All that filth is gone
Some make plans of their own and request what remains of the sitting rulers of Ethiopia to open up space so they can be in rulership together with them. They deliver their proud speech by including warnings in it like they caused the change that just happened. If their trust is not in the Lord, what are these people basing their flagrant intimidation on? You can say Kitet but no doubt you will be grieved by it. You did not pay attention in the past and now you should be bleeding in the heart seeing that Ethiopians wept sore for the death of their gravedigger. Who is more in agony now than you who followed a vain Kitet which is not for the Lord? 

Now again, follow that which is vain and you will weep bitterly again. But you have a pathway, which is the Lord. Kitet for the Lord - let's ask the Lord together to deliver us from evil and we all will have joy in the immediate aftermath. Please come and let's join hands together.
Call this number below everyday at 6:10 pm California time, 9:10 pm Washington DC time this week. Please do so starting today.
Number to call :  559-726-1200
Code: 157715
Hallowed Be The Lord!


Meskerem 1, 2005 Ethiopian Calendar
September 11, 2012 European Calendar

Kidus Yohannes
Meskerem 1, 2005 Ethiopian Calendar